At Christ the King, we are committed to a vision of faithful presence—to God, one another, and the world. We believe that all three of these are primarily anchored in our worship, where each week we remember that God has been faithfully present to us in Jesus Christ. 

Faithfully Present to God

Being faithfully present to God means that the life of Christ the King Church is built on the fellowship we have with God the Father in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. We enjoy this fellowship as we gather together to praise the God who rescued us when we were enslaved to sin. We enjoy this fellowship as we ascribe worth and glory to the God who spoke the universe into being. We enjoy this fellowship as we hear again and again the story of God’s rescue in Jesus and as he teaches us what it means to follow him in our lives. We enjoy this fellowship as we gather around the Lord’s Table and eat a meal we could not make. We learn in worship what it means to be faithfully present to God in our daily lives.

Faithfully Present to One Another

Faith in Christ makes us part of his body, the Church. As the Gospel works itself out in our lives, we learn more and more what it means to love the Church. Many of our ministries are designed not only to enhance our communion with God but also to enrich our fellowship with one another in the church. Second Hour, Community Groups, Student Ministry, and Women 2 Women are all meant to help us connect to the gospel and one another.

Faithfully Present to Our World

Being part of God’s people also makes us part of God’s mission—to fill the earth with his glory. Thus, as we grow in grace, we must also grow in our love for the world in which God has placed us. It becomes our desire to see the world full of men, women, and children who bear God’s image, who worship him rightly, and who flourish in the work he has given them. At Christ the King, this looks like robust support for missionaries—many of whom are part of our congregation. It also looks like a commitment to fruitfulness in the vocations God has entrusted to us—our work, families, friendships, and neighborhoods. We are part of God’s mission in the world as we seek to be a blessing and pursue human flourishing in all of these “ordinary” tasks.